Encircled in Care

Encircled in Care is a modular training programme for not only pastoral visitors but everyone who offers care in our church and community. We are all involved in caring for others and we hope that these sessions will empower and enable you to share in Christ's caring ministry. The sesions will be held every month on a Saturday morning between 9:30 and 11:30 at Churchill Methodist Church in the hall.


We recommend you try and attend the 3 foundation sesssions and then choose from a range of topics that will be covered in subsequent sessions. Keep checking the website for updates to session leaders/ speakers 

15th September 2018 - Foundation Session 1 "Why We Care" led by Rev Julie Letts

20th October 2018 - Foundation Session 2 "Good Practice: confidentiality, boundaries and safeguarding"

17th November 2018 - Foundation Session 3 "Developing Listening Skills" led by Jo Horwood, CRUSE Counsellor

15th December 2018 - "Loss and Bereavement" led by Jo Horwood, CRUSE Counsellor

19th January 2019 - "Prayer in Pastoral Visiting" 

15th February 2019 - "Mental Health Issues"

16th March 2019 - "Connecting Care and Discipleship, sharing faith stories"

27th April 2019 - "Domestic Abuse"

18th May 2019 - "Across the Generations -  Ageing and Spirituality; dementia"

15th June 2019 - "Health, Healing & Wellbeing"

6th July 2019 - "Children, Young People & Pastoral Care"