Exciting news! Join the discussion and tell us what you would like!

The next session of  the new play and social activity for disabled children and their families will be held on Wednesday 15th February 2017 11am - 2 pm.

Activities included

  • active and creative play ,
  • sensory storytime,
  •  paper crafts,
  • apple paint prints,
  • sensory nature table
  • fruit snacks, buns and squash/water for children
  • continual supply of cake and hot drinks for adults
  • lots of laughs and chat

Facilities included

  • easy car parking,
  • access ramp,
  • spacious hall,
  • toddler change station plus a hoist and changing couch.

Please tell us what you think about these proposals for a future format (or add your own ideas):

  • more school holiday sessions for adults and children
  • accessible parenting skills courses/discussion group,
  • term time sessions for adults and children, say monthly/weekly
  • term time social sessions for parents/grandparents/carers only

Please give your feedback via our Churchill Baby & Toddler Facebook Page or contact Jacquelene Seel,